On Saturday a welcome evening with teambuilding activities was organized for all participants. On Sunday an orientation to Tampere, the Tampere region, Finnish culture and the visit to the harbour and ships of Suomen Hopealinja Oy (Finnish Silverline Ltd.)were organised and participants had a view on the island Viikinsaari, too. On Sunday teambuilding activities took place and all travelled to Virrat where the programme was orgnised in the next days.

On Monday all country-based student teams gave presentations on their countries, cities, universities and study programmes. They also taught some greetings in their own languages. Afterwards students were divided into multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. The introduction to the assignment from the company Suomen Hopealinja Oy (Finnish Silverline Ltd.) was given on Monday, too. The programme also included a lecture on "Get the message across", to be followed by ideation process and sessions. Five teams worked with the assignment in the ideation sessions.

On Tuesday and Wednesday multicultural student teams with representatives of business, marketing, management and engineering (emphasis on product development and innovation) did innovations of events and services for various customer groups. They also gave suggestions for marketing communications mix.

On Thursday all travelled from Virrat to Tampere and in the afternoon student teams presented their innovations in front of the audience consisting of students and staff members. In the jury there was also a representative from the company. All student teams produced for the company a written report, too. All teams did great work and one team was announced as a winning team. On Thursday evening a closing ceremony was organised.

On Friday some discussions, report writing and other work were done and students and staff members travelled back home.

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